Roof Repairs in Edmonton

It’s really important to inspect your roof at least twice per year. Here are seven quick things to check out during the spring and fall in effort to keep your home dry, warm and safe for your family this winter.

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Seven Signs That You Need A New Roof

When was the last time you had your roof inspected? If you are like most people, you are usually buzzing around taking kids to hockey, picking them up from dance class or whipping up a meal and rarely look at the roof of your home. Inspecting your roof twice a year during the spring and fall can prevent some costly repairs and keep your family warm while maintaining the value of your investment. Here are seven signs that it’s time for you to contact your local professional for roof repairs or a roof replacement.

  1. The first place to look for damage is in your attic. Take a peek and check for a couple things. Is there light shining through the roof, dark spots in the wood or signs of water damage? You might find areas that have mould and the quicker you address them, the less costly your repairs will be.
  2. While you are in the attic, take a look at the plywood in your roof. Does it look like it’s sagging, soggy or worn out? Remember that winter in Edmonton means snow and snow means added weight. Be 100% certain that the structure of your roof is rigid and can support the hundreds if not thousands of pound of added weight from a heavy snow fall.
  3. Head outside and check out the condition of the exterior of your roof. Inspect the shingles to be sure they aren’t cracked, bald or missing altogether.
  4. Scan areas such as chimneys, vents and skylights to make sure all of your seals are tight and intact. One of the leading causes for leaky roofs are from poorly sealed skylights with poorly installed flashing.
  5. While you are cleaning out your gutters, keep an eye out for an excessive amount of shingle granules. This is generally a solid indicator that it’s time to replace them.
  6. Be sure the vents and fans from your bathrooms and kitchen go directly outside and not just into the attic space. Poor venting can lead to mold and bacteria growth in as little as 24 hours.
  7. As the first frost or snowfall arrives, keep an eye for irregularities on your roof like wet patches, ice or uneven melting spots. These can be signs of potential leaks and or insulation inconsistencies and should be addressed as soon as possible.