Kitchen and Bathroom Design

Kitchen and Bathroom design or remodeling is often suggested as the best way to increase value on an existing home. Nothing sells like a dream kitchen for cooking or an exaggerated bathroom in the master suite. The key with both projects is to make more space, open things up and give it a fresh, identifiable look.  Buyers want open floor plans so don’t be afraid to knock down a wall or two and add a new island, counter top, breakfast bar or that second sink.


Different Kitchen and Bathroom Styles

American Colonial Kitchen

When you think American Colonial Kitchen think light coloured natural toned cabinets with extra detail matched with silver or stainless steel handles that have an equal amount of detail. In terms of colour, think natural beige colours, pea soup greens and dark browns. Faucets found in American Colonial style kitchens are generally stainless, silver or brass with great curvature. Here’s a great example of an American Colonial kitchen.

Art Deco

When you think Art Deco think of vintage diners, 1950’s space ships, drive ins and the show Happy Days. Art Deco design generally uses bright shades of pastel colours with simplistic handles and shiny surfaces. This style first gained popularity in France during the 1920’s but really caught on in North America during the 1930’s and 1940’s.

Arts and Crafts

Art and Crafts style kitchens are also known as Craftsman kitchens. Visualize lots of wood textures with the utmost attention being paid to craftsmanship and quality.

Contemporary Style

Contemporary kitchen designs have made a huge resurgence over the past 5 or so years. While contemporary kitchens often reflect the current times and style, they are essentially the opposite of timeless.

Country Style

Country style kitchens share many of the great features you will find in an American Colonial style kitchen but with everything toned down a little. Typically a country style kitchen uses really light or white cabinets with minimalist handles and either hardwood or tile floors. The key here is creating a welcoming and cheery room with a handcrafted and wood spun feel.