Custom Home Renovations

Searching for a custom look that works seamlessly with the personality and character of your home? It is our goal at 99 North Renovations in Edmonton to provide our clients with a level of craftsmanship that is second to none. Our professional restoration, custom home renovation and home improvement services offer a level of flexibility that allows you to explore your creative side while we keep projects on time and under budget. With over 26 years of experience in hands on construction, we are fully capable of creating kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms or finishing basements that will not only compliment your home but maintain continuity from room to room.

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The perfect custom home renovation can be all that stands between you and your dream home. Whether you intend to simply improve upon the property you’ve got or flip it in anticipation of buying another, ensuring you hire the right company to do the job is of the utmost importance.

Here at 99 North Renovations we hold customer satisfaction as sacrosanct. We offer custom home renovations and will go out of our way to make sure our work perfectly mirrors the aesthetic of your home. We understand that the job you hire us for is deeply important to you and are confident we can offer you the kind of quality craftsmanship you require.

We have the experience and know how to restore, renovate and improve your home in way that will leave you satisfied and well within your budget. Whether it’s a custom kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, basement or whatever, you’ll find no one better.

Let us help you plan your custom renovation

If you choose to hire us, our first priority will be to ensure everyone involved has a solid understanding of what the project will require. This will, of course, be an ongoing conversation throughout the duration of the project, but that first conversation will still help get us started on the right foot. It will allow us to provide you with a cost and time estimate. It will also allow us to share our expert advice and let you know exactly what you can expect.

Here’s a quick list of some potential topics of conversation:

  1. The size and scope of the renovation. Some major renovations may require that you live elsewhere for the duration for the project. While other smaller projects may only require you be prepared to cope with a bit of a racket during the day and the inconvenience of having a construction site on your property at night.
  2. Design suggestions. This will be our moment to shine, we’ll offer you all kinds of advice on how to go about achieving your renovation goals.
  3. Whether other professionals will be required. Depending on the size of the project, an architect, engineer or other professional may be required.
  4. Building permits and municipal approvals. In some cases, building permits and municipal approvals will be required and we’ll need to plan the project accordingly.
  5. Projected time of completion. This will necessarily be an estimation but is nonetheless important because it will allow you to plan your life accordingly.
  6. This is a very important step because we will want you to stay well within budget – we will provide you with as thorough a price and time estimate as possible.
  7. How we can help each other. This will be where we’ll let you know how you can help us make certain the project goes smoothly – e.g. making sure the construction area is free of furniture and personal items. It will also be the point where you can let us know about any preferences you might have – e.g. preferred construction times.
  8. This is where we’ll hammer out the details of what you expect from us.

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