Professional Concrete Pouring Services in Edmonton

Hire the professional concrete pouring services at 99 North Renovations to build concrete slabs, retaining walls, driveways, basement floors and more!

The Perfect Pour- Concrete

Whether it’s a barista in a coffee shop, a bartender at the pub or a contractor laying the foundation for a home, there’s an art to getting that perfect pour. It requires attention to detail, patience, timing, skill and experience to get concrete to set just right. If a contractor lacks any of the latter, it can result in costly mistakes. At 99 North Renovations, we understand what’s required and are confident we have what it takes to make sure your concrete gets poured right the first time!

The team at 99 North Renovations in Edmonton offers a wide range of services, including concrete prep, pouring and finishing. We have experience working in a number of different areas, such as home foundations, concrete slabs, basement floors, driveways and retaining walls. We also offer custom work!

Here at 99 North Renovations, we’ll work closely with you and make sure the final result is something you’re happy with and we’re proud of. Whether we are pouring footings for a deck or the foundation of a house, there’s no job too small. Get a free online quote or give us a call today and we’ll drop by for a free estimate!