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About Us-  99 North Renovations in Edmonton, Alberta

Tony Supruniuk

Self employed for over 20 years, Tony has built a solid reputation in Edmonton and Fort Saskatchewan for his phenomenal work by maintaining excellent communication with clients and living under the simple ideals that hard work, honesty and dedication are never to be compromised. He prides himself on his ability to develop quality relationships with clients and his ability to solve problems are reflected in the creativity and personal touches found in many of the nuances within his projects.

Paul Newman

Building, imagining and creating things by hand is simply part of Paul’s genetic makeup. As the son of a finishing carpenter, making, transforming, designing and building things out of wood are part of his earliest childhood memories. With over 26 years of experience in the construction industry, Paul is a seasoned veteran and humble leader within the Edmonton renovation, remodeling and home development market. What separates Paul from most members of the construction industry is his ability to relate with customers and deliver the best quality service possible and this stems from his ability to communicate in a clear, concise and effective manner. As a team, Paul and Tony both thrive on the relationships generated between them and their clients.